The Tourism Hotel Academy is the Tourism & Hospitality division of PORTMAN College, an internationally renowned business education specialist that was built with a reputation as one of the premier hands-on tourism and hospitality academy in Asia.

The Tourism & Hospitality industries in both Malaysia & Asia are progressing into an age where graduates require skills and knowledge that are multidisciplinary that can serve and provide a branded service experience.


• Equip yourself with professional skills in front tourism office and back-end tourism operations of the tourism & hospitality sector
• Attend off-campus lessons conducted by Tourism industry professionals
• Learn to manage travel & tourism-based events in heritage venues, hotel and leisure establishment environments

• Equip yourself with professional skills in front office and back-end hotel operations of the hospitality sector
• Attend off-campus lessons conducted by Hospitality professionals
• Learn to manage hotels & resorts at leisure & business establishment

• Equip yourself with skills in front office and back-end operations of the events & hospitality industries
• Attend off-campus and actual live events executed by industry professionals
• Learn to plan, manage and execute events in hotels and leisure establishment environments